AINSE - Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering

The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) is an integral organisation for enhancing Australia’s capability in nuclear science and engineering by facilitating world-class research and education. AINSE offers a range of programs and services to its members including generous conference support, inspiring symposiums, Honours / Postgraduate scholarships and intensive education schools. These benefits aim to foster scientific advancement and promote an effective collaboration between AINSE members and ANSTO.

 Funding opportunities offered by AINSE

AINSE 2017 Honours Scholarships - Open Dec 2016

Applications for AINSE Honours Scholarships open Dec 2016

AINSE Strategic Directions 2014-18

The AINSE Council has in its recent meeting formally endorsed AINSE’s Strategic Directions 2014-18. This provides the framework for developments which will give AINSE more agility, options and influence in facilitating the delivery of nuclear science and engineering. More information

Post Graduate Research Awards - Open Feb 2017

Applications for 2017 Post Graduate Research Awards - Open Feb 2017. More Information

The AINSE Trust

The purpose of the AINSE Trust, established in 2008, is to provide scholarships and fellowships for Australian students and researchers who are participating in AINSE programs.

You can help by providing a donation to the AINSE Trust. More Information

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Programme

AINSE WISE School to inspire women in STEM to take on leadership roles
The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) is to receive funding through the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship programme under the National Innovation and Science Agenda. AINSE will use this funding to invite a female student from each of its 35 Australian University members to attend a school at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Lucas Heights. The school will target 1st year University students, with an emphasis on women in STEM, and promote a range of exciting career opportunities in nuclear science and engineering.
The students will have the opportunity to experience first hand some of the research undertaken with the large infrastructure at ANSTO and see the leadership roles that women are currently undertaking in some of these fields. As part of this school AINSE will be inviting leading women in STEM to provide tours, workshops, talks and panel sessions to help inspire women into considering senior leadership roles in STEM. Mentors will also be arranged to provide a more long-term support network for the students to access as they make key career-defining decisions throughout their undergraduate degrees.
"The team at AINSE are delighted by this opportunity and look forward to encouraging women in STEM to pursue leadership roles in the future. By making connections with students early in their undergraduate degrees we hope to highlight the amazing opportunities that are available to women in nuclear science and engineering.”

AINSE Gold Medal Ceremony – 2016

On the 1st of December 2016, AINSE hosted the AINSE Gold Medal Ceremony
The AINSE Gold Medal is awarded for excellence in research, which acknowledges AINSE support. The AINSE Gold Medal may be awarded jointly to collaborating researchers and one medal is reserved for graduate students, including those who have recently completed their PhD projects.
This year was particularly special, with two gold medals presented at the ceremony.  The first medal awarded was to Dr Emily Reynolds, from The University of Sydney. Emily joined the Goodwin group in December 2015 as an early-career Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford after completing her PhD. Due to Emily’s location she was unable to attend the ceremony. Dr Gordon Thorogood, Emily’s ANSTO co-supervisor and mentor accepted the award on Emily’s behalf. The next award was for the late Professor George Collins, who also had a very strong link with Dr Thorogood. During Dr Thorogood’s speech, it was highlighted that Professor Collins was influential in his PhD, “because he saw the potential in me and supported me in doing it”.
Professor Collins made a significant impact to ANSTO and the broader Australian Research community and was a prominent supporter of AINSE. Professor Collins was on the AINSE Council from 2002 to 2008, including being on the AINSE Board, and played a significant leadership and mentoring role for AINSE. Professor Collins family attended the event, with wife Evelyn, and children Christopher, Alexi and Elodie accepting the gold medal on his behalf.
On behalf of AINSE we would like to extend our congratulations and thanks to all who attended and participated in the ceremony.

 Photo_with_Gordon  Photo_with_Adi

Professor George Collins Family (Christopher, Elodie, Evelyn, Alexi) with Ms Michelle Durant, Managing Director of AINSE, Dr Gordon Thorogood, ANSTO and Dr Adi Paterson, CEO of ANSTO (far right)



Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference (AAA2016), 6-8 December 2016, Terrigal, NSW