for Grad. Students

AINSE Ltd offers awards for postgraduate students whose research projects are associated with nuclear science, or its applications, and require access to the unique national facilities at the Lucas Heights Science & Technology Centre.

These top-up scholarship awards support post-graduate students at AINSE member universities by providing a stipend, an award for ANSTO facility costs, and an award for travel and accommodation. The proposed research would involve a broad range of ANSTO facilities including those in the Bragg Institute, the Institute of Materials Engineering, the Institute of Environmental Science and the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Research.

International Conference Travel Scholarships

Applications are invited from students and post doctoral fellows from AINSE member universities who wish to present their AINSE supported research at an international meeting which is being conducted outside Australia. More information ...


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If students wish to access facilities at ANSTO and they do not have a Postgraduate Award, they can be included in an application for an award by their supervisor.

Contact AINSE for more information on (02) 9717 3436 or (02) 9717 3376