AINSE Specialist Committees

AINSE specialist committees give a strong focus in the following disciplines by providing ongoing advice on research, evaluation of applications for AINSE awards, and review of progress reports. 

Archaeology and Geosciences Committee

Applications in this area would be expected to advance knowledge in any of the branches of archaeology or geosciences. Applications may be made for AMS studies, PIXE/PIGE or NAA characterisation of materials to support the aims of the project.

Dr Michael-Shawn Fletcher  University of Melbourne 
A/Professor Patrick Moss The University of Queensland 
Dr Craig Sloss  Queensland University of Technology 
Dr Quan Hua  ANSTO

Biotechnology and Biomedical Science

Applications in this area would be expected to support research into diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, radiobiology, experimental radiation oncology, and radiation effects on biological materials.

A/Professor Damian Myers - Convenor University of Melbourne
Professor Pam Sykes Flinders University
Dr Roger Price  The University of Western Australia
Dr Ben Fraser ANSTO
Dr Guo Jun Liu  ANSTO 


Environmental Sciences Committee

Applications in this area would be expected to be concerned with understand problems based in environmental science. This could include dating using 210Pb, and 14C, and the analysis of natural processes, and experiments on organic or inorganic materials, or the biota.

Dr Greg Skrzypek - Convenor University of Western Australia
Professor James Goff The University of New South Wales
A/Professor Paul Augustinus The University of Auckland
Professor Andrew McMinn (c) The University of Tasmania
Professor Isaac Santos  Southern Cross University 
Dr Dioni Cendon ANSTO
Dr Henk Heijnis ANSTO


Materials Science and Engineering Committee

Applications in this area will involve the study of the structure of materials at an atomic or molecular level involving instruments including x-ray scattering and reflectometry, electron microscopy and NMR. Applications concerning the study of soft condensed matter e.g. proteins and membranes are considered by this committee, as are those concerning hard condensed matter e.g. magnetic materials. The study of the properties and composition of engineering and inorganic materials; surface modification, surface characterisation and surface properties; advanced materials processing; specialist techniques in materials characterisation; materials testing, bulk and local materials properties; and effects of radiation on materials.

Professor Gary Bryant - Convenor RMIT University
Dr Victor Streltsov  University of Melbourne 
Dr Ludovic Dumee Deakin University
Dr Aleks Nikoloski Murdoch University 
Dr Leigh Sheppard   University of Western Sydney  
Dr Stephen Holt ANSTO 
Professor Lyndon Edwards  ANSTO 
Dr David Cohen   ANSTO 
Professor Garry McIntyre  ANSTO 


Plasma Science

This group is primarily interested in conducting research at the National Plasma Fusion Facility H-1NF at ANU and in promoting Australian involvement in ITER the newest and largest plasma fusion experiment.


c = AINSE Council Member